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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crafting is so boring

For a while after we moved I was hopeful that my mom might have kicked her obsessive-compulsive crafting habit. There was lots of work to be done with the boxes (I was very helpful and chewed as many of them as I could) and Decorating. Unfortunately, my mom has now devoted an entire room to her crafts. Despite my best efforts to distract her with cuteness, arm pokes, and intestinal gas, she persists in sewing.

Due to my Labrador nature, I am unable to remain disgruntled too long, however. So here's what I do while she's sewing: Crafting is so boring.

Tile floors are so comfortable in this hot climate.


Petra said...

Your mom should be happy that you nap while she's working. If I had that much freedom, I MIGHT be chewing shoes or something fun like that.

We have cool tiles in my house but I prefer to lay on pillows. I don't know why.

Petra said...

Hey Beckett, can I add you to my friends list?

petra pot pie