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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When dogs draw

My mom got her Spoonflower invite so I've put her to work designing some fabric for custom bandannas for Moi. I call this one "My Dream Day," which, as you can see, features baseball, Fenway Franks, my autograph in paw prints, and lots and lots of treats. I apologize for the amateurish execution - my mom hasn't taken art lessons. (This sketch looks a little funny because I instructed her to use this method to create a repeat pattern that can be tiled.)


Petra said...

Your mom does good work, Beckett! Was this your idea? Your paws are pawsome on that sketch.

One suggestion: maybe your mom can write CUBS across that baseball...

Fenway said...

I'd say you pretty much captured The Universe in that design. It's got EVERYTHING that matters.

Let us know when production of those nifty bandannas can start. I would be proud to sport one while wearing my new Red Sox collar!

Stanislaw said...

That looks pretty fancy! The only time I've ever worn a bandana was when I was at the blasted groomer and they caught me with one. It was FUSCIA! Did they not know that I am a man and a beast?

Your design is so much better!