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Friday, July 25, 2008

Off to camp!

My mom has to go to a conference (whatever that is) in Sandy Eggo (wherever that is), so I'm heading off to camp for a week. I'm going to miss my mom, but I just love to meet new people and animals, so I think I'll have fun at camp. Mom says she's just going to be in meetings all day so I'll have more fun there.

See you in a week, dog bloggerinis!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mom had a bug

Things have been slow around here lately, because my mom wasn't feeling well. She said she had a Bug and she spent a lot of time sleeping. I love bugs! They're so crunchy. I like to jump up and snap them out of the air. Those bugs never see me coming. I bet they think that because I'm not a frog, I pose no danger, but I am so good at catching bugs. I'm really not sure why a Bug would make my mom sleep for several days, though. And if she doesn't like bugs, why didn't she offer it to me? She's strange.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Six Months

Today is July 19th. That means it's 5 days after Petra's barkday and 7 days before Stanislaw's barkday. But more importantly, it's been six months since I got my forever home!

I first met my mom on January 14th. She'd seen my picture on Petfinder and drove over to the Haven to meet me. I could tell she was the mom for me right away, but she wasn't able to take me home until Saturday, January 19th. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Here's a slideshow of our first 6 months together:

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Remember: Vote for Mom!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vote for Mom!

My mom is running for Alabama governor of Red Sox Nation. Vote for her using the following information:
Ellen Wilson, Alabama

Why should you vote for my mom? Well, check out her application essays.

What qualifies you to be Red Sox Nation Governor of your state? (200 words or less)

A lifelong Sox fan who learned her first word (hooray) from her father’s cheers as he listened to baseball games on the radio, Ellen grew up in NJ with a strong hatred of the Yankees. A recent transplant from Boston to Mobile, she has converted many of her co-workers to Red Sox fandom. Ellen listens to almost every Sox game on XM Radio or Gameday Audio. She has a dog named Beckett.

Mobile is the obvious choice as a home for the Alabama RSN governor, as it has an exemplary baseball pedigree. Five Hall of Famers come from Mobile: Hank Aaron, Billy Williams, Willie McCovey, Satchel Paige, and Ozzie Smith. Only New York City and Chicago boast more Hall of Famers. Mobile is also the hometown of Jake Peavy. Big leaguers have also come from local schools, universities, and the Mobile BayBears.

Alabama residents understand sports rivalries. Ellen pledges to remain neutral regarding University of Alabama and Auburn University football, so Red Sox-loving fans of the Crimson Tide and the Tigers can unite under her leadership.

Ellen is a 2007 graduate of Simmons College, steps from Fenway Park. She is a librarian at the University of South Alabama.

What is your top goal or initiative to enhance the Red Sox Nation experience for citizens in your state? (200 words or less)

Although Alabama has a strong baseball pedigree, the sport’s popularity is dwarfed by that of football. It can be lonely being a baseball fan in the land of SEC football. As governor of Red Sox Nation, I will work to create a community of Alabama Red Sox fans and raise the profile of the sport of baseball at all levels in the state of Alabama. I will also endeavor to trade a Waffle House for a Dunkin Donuts.

My dog Beckett will also continue his work with Big Pupi's nationwide network of canine (and feline) Forgotten Fans to fight for a dog-friendly section K-9 at Fenway Park (Learn more at

Vote early! Vote often! (Up to 10 times per email address)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cold Box Tag

Miss Petra Pot Pie tagged me for the Cold Box game. Here are the rules:

Show us a photo of the front of your cold box. Tell us about one thing on it and one thing you keep inside of it. Tag your friends and remember to stay COOL! And no fair cleaning it up first.

Here I am in front of the Cold Box. Our kitchen is long and skinny so it's hard to get a good picture of it. Also, my mom needs to get a small repair made to her good camera so these pictures are a bit out of focus. (I know nothing about how that happened, I swear!)This is a closeup of the stuff on the Cold Box. There's a Save the Date card for a wedding. I told my mom I would be her date (I love to dance). Do you think they make tuxedo bandannas?

Here's a picture inside. My mom says it's messier than usual because she was getting ready for a party. She should take a picture now, because guess what??? The Cold Box is full of leftover WALLYMELON from the pawty!

I tag Big Pupi and Stanislaw and Fenway!

Ha! She can't pin this one on me.

My mom likes to think that I cause all the problems in our household, but last night she was faced with one of her own making. We were hanging out, listening to the All-Star Game on XM Radio. I was chewing on an Approved Chewing Device (OK, I tried to get the napkin ring first, but Mom was having none of that) and she was knitting.

She was excited because she was working on the last piece of a sweater. I really don't understand why humans lack the sense to have a fur coat, but I digress. She pulled out the other half of the front to compare it to the one she was knitting and she stood there and stared at it for a while.

One of these cables is not like the other.

It was patently obvious to me what the problem was, but since I have the brains and the beauty in this family, it took my poor mom a little longer to figure it out. She had made a mistake in the side cable on the piece of the front she had already finished. What a doofus!

She ended up finishing the right front and then ripping back the left front to the mistake. I offered to take care of the ripping back for her but was rebuffed.

So, see? I'm not responsible for all the mistakes, Mom! Take that!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Problem-solving and problems

Folks, I'm in the doghouse. See, my mom has to wear a funny dental nightguard when she sleeps. Apparently she grinds her teeth. I don't understand why she doesn't use chew toys for that, but people are strange.

A few months ago, I chewed up my mom's nightguard. She was not happy, since those things apparently cost a lot of pieces of cheese. In my defense - I was suffering from terrible allergies and couldn't sleep. I kept waking her up to tell her how miserable I was, and when she forgot to put her nightguard back in her mouth one night, I thought it was fair game.

She replaced the nightguard and finally figured out what was making me so miserable that I couldn't sleep. She also got a plastic box that she keeps on the table next to her bed that she keeps the nightguard (in its case) and her reading glasses and book in.

Well, last night, while my mom was brushing her teeth, I finally cracked the puzzle of the plastic box. I managed to get it open, then I opened the case with the nightguard in it and I started to chew. When my mom came out and saw it, I was so sure she'd be proud of my problem-solving skills but NO.

I was a Good Boy and dropped the nightguard when she told me to, but, upon further reflection, I probably should not then have picked up her reading glasses. Oops!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy barkday, Petra!

Beckett models his bandanna
I'm dressed up in your honor. I hope you get lots of Frosty Paws and wallymelon!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

An important announcement

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This morning, my mom went out for a while with her camera. When she came back she smelled like lots of other dogs. I was going to give her a hard time about it, but when she explained that she'd been at the ARFanage taking pictures of some of their hardest-to-place dogs, I understood.

My mom adopted me from a no-kill shelter in January. She'd seen my picture on Petfinder and fallen in love, so she drove across Mobile Bay to meet me at the Haven for Animals.

Shelters in this part of the country (and probably all over) are filled to (or past) capacity. The animal ministry group at my mom's church is trying to help one of our local shelters with publicity in hopes of finding good furever homes for animals.


You can see the full set of photos on Flickr, and if you can help any of these animals find a furever home, please do.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yesterday was a pawsome day!

Yesterday was so excellent. My mom didn't have to go to work, so I got to spend the whole day with her. In the morning, we went to the vet, which was super exciting.

The vet, you say? Exciting? How can that be? Well, first of all, it involved a ride in the car. I love car rides. My mom is kind of a killjoy and won't let me drive, but it's still fun. Then, at the vet's office, there are all sorts of interesting smells, and pretty girls to flirt with. There's also my cat buddy, Simon, who is a super chill fellow to hang with. Finally, I get to see Dr. G, who always greets me by saying, "Beckett, what's up, buddy?" and letting me jump up on him to give him big hugs.

Dr. G and his vet tech admired me for a few minutes, then stuck something smelly in my nose, and then admired me some more. They talked about how shiny and soft my coat has gotten and how my skin showed no sign of the allergies I used to have trouble with.

In the afternoon, Mom and I took a nap. I dreamed that I got to drive the car.

For dinner, I had a raw, meaty lamb bone. It was really big, so I buried some of it in the yard for a future snack. Delicious!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Humans say the strangest things.

A few minutes ago, my mom dropped one of her hair bands on the floor, so naturally I picked it up and chewed it. Before it had even hit the floor, she said, "Beckett! That's not for chewing and eating!"

Not for chewing and eating??? That's unpossible!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


My friend Petra told me about a delicious food called wallymelon. The same day, I came across this Discovery Health article about wallymelon. Do you suppose it works even if I've been neutered?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Red, white, and blueberry sorbet

Beckett on the sofa
On Monday, some nice people brought this new piece of furniture to my den. My mom said it was "not for me" and to "stay off." Fortunately, this lasted only about 72 hours. Red really is my color, isn't it? This sofa is so comfy.

Red sofa, white dog (with some blueberry sorbet in his tummy)

Happy Independence Day!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Me and my grandma

Here's a little movie of me, my grandma, and some yarn.