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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yesterday was a pawsome day!

Yesterday was so excellent. My mom didn't have to go to work, so I got to spend the whole day with her. In the morning, we went to the vet, which was super exciting.

The vet, you say? Exciting? How can that be? Well, first of all, it involved a ride in the car. I love car rides. My mom is kind of a killjoy and won't let me drive, but it's still fun. Then, at the vet's office, there are all sorts of interesting smells, and pretty girls to flirt with. There's also my cat buddy, Simon, who is a super chill fellow to hang with. Finally, I get to see Dr. G, who always greets me by saying, "Beckett, what's up, buddy?" and letting me jump up on him to give him big hugs.

Dr. G and his vet tech admired me for a few minutes, then stuck something smelly in my nose, and then admired me some more. They talked about how shiny and soft my coat has gotten and how my skin showed no sign of the allergies I used to have trouble with.

In the afternoon, Mom and I took a nap. I dreamed that I got to drive the car.

For dinner, I had a raw, meaty lamb bone. It was really big, so I buried some of it in the yard for a future snack. Delicious!


Petra said...

I like car rides, too, Beckett...but when the ride takes to to the v-e-t-'s door and I get a whiff of where I am, I turn around to leave. You are braver than I!

I'm glad your allergies are getting better because they can be so annoying. What a fun day you had!

Stanislaw said...

Let me know how that lamb bone recipe works out. I've always been interested in feasts that have been buried and stewing in their own (and other) juices for a week or two. Some day, when I have a yard, I want to try out some of this slow-cooker cooking. If you're recipe is good, I'll add it to my "must feast" list.

Fenway said...

Glad to read about your glorious day. It doesn't get much better than that, huh? Car rides are the best.

I also love to go to the vet. Like you said, lots of people fawn over you and give you cheese and dried turkey.

I didn't realize you joined the RAW FOOD NATION!!! Yippee. Next to the Red Sox Nation, it's da bomb. Say "bye, bye" allergies!!! Plus, you get real human grade feast material

You look like a million bucks, my good man! I'm happy I made you laugh. Ms. Alpha is still chuckling over the scene I might have made with my nosing. And guess what? I got the blue ribbon from the Judge Lady With the Awesome Hinders.

Fenway said...

Glad to hear about the RMB's (raw meaty bones!) They will get rid of any tartar or stained teeth in no time and you will have the MOST gleaming white choppers!

I also get fishy oil and no doubt we have the most desirable coats outside of the Fendi fur dept. Mine is soft, too and gleams like black patent leather. Mom squirts wild alaskan salmon oil once a day on my food.

I KNOW your mom loves you EXTRA SPECIAL 'cause she's including these very important things to keep you healthy and happy. Yippeeeeee!