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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Problem-solving and problems

Folks, I'm in the doghouse. See, my mom has to wear a funny dental nightguard when she sleeps. Apparently she grinds her teeth. I don't understand why she doesn't use chew toys for that, but people are strange.

A few months ago, I chewed up my mom's nightguard. She was not happy, since those things apparently cost a lot of pieces of cheese. In my defense - I was suffering from terrible allergies and couldn't sleep. I kept waking her up to tell her how miserable I was, and when she forgot to put her nightguard back in her mouth one night, I thought it was fair game.

She replaced the nightguard and finally figured out what was making me so miserable that I couldn't sleep. She also got a plastic box that she keeps on the table next to her bed that she keeps the nightguard (in its case) and her reading glasses and book in.

Well, last night, while my mom was brushing her teeth, I finally cracked the puzzle of the plastic box. I managed to get it open, then I opened the case with the nightguard in it and I started to chew. When my mom came out and saw it, I was so sure she'd be proud of my problem-solving skills but NO.

I was a Good Boy and dropped the nightguard when she told me to, but, upon further reflection, I probably should not then have picked up her reading glasses. Oops!


Mack said...

WOW - that is seriously good gnawing my man!!

My dad has one of those toothy things too. I can't wait till the day he leaves it on his nightstand!

Stanislaw said...

My dad has one too! And here I thought that he put it in his mouth at night so that he COULD chew in his sleep. I thought he was a beast!

Petra said...

Where was your mom's camera, Beckett?! I would love to see you gnawing away on that thing!

And then you grabbed her glasses, too? Uh-oh...