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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ha! She can't pin this one on me.

My mom likes to think that I cause all the problems in our household, but last night she was faced with one of her own making. We were hanging out, listening to the All-Star Game on XM Radio. I was chewing on an Approved Chewing Device (OK, I tried to get the napkin ring first, but Mom was having none of that) and she was knitting.

She was excited because she was working on the last piece of a sweater. I really don't understand why humans lack the sense to have a fur coat, but I digress. She pulled out the other half of the front to compare it to the one she was knitting and she stood there and stared at it for a while.

One of these cables is not like the other.

It was patently obvious to me what the problem was, but since I have the brains and the beauty in this family, it took my poor mom a little longer to figure it out. She had made a mistake in the side cable on the piece of the front she had already finished. What a doofus!

She ended up finishing the right front and then ripping back the left front to the mistake. I offered to take care of the ripping back for her but was rebuffed.

So, see? I'm not responsible for all the mistakes, Mom! Take that!

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Petra said...

Your mom has a lot of talent, Beckett; that sweater is beautiful! It would have been hard to stay away from that yarn when she had to tear it apart.

Who knows...maybe she'll knit something for YOU sometime!