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Thursday, November 26, 2009

My adopterashun

There is a big story behind yesterday's picture but I'll save that for another day. Lots of pups are telling their adopterashun stories today and I want to join in.

In August of 2007 Mom moved from Massachewsetts to Babablama to take a job. She didn't know anyone here and she was starting a new career, so she was nervous and thought she might be making a big mistake. But she was also excited and hoping for the best.

When she was looking for places to live she didn't have money to travel down to Mobile to look at apartments, so she looked at lots of places online and made lots of phone calls. One thing she knew she wanted was a place that would let her have pets, because she wanted to adopterate a dog when she got settled. She was lucky and found a good place.

After she had been here for a few months she started to settle in and began looking on Petfinder. She knew she wanted a black Lab or Lab mix. There was one pup she saw on Petfinder that was on there in late October and into November and even early December. She told herself that if he was still there after she came back from Christmas she would adopterate him. But just before Christmas he got adopterated. Mom was happy that he got a furever home but also a little sad and wondered if she would ever find her dog.

When she got back in January she started looking on Petfinder again and one day she saw these pictures:
I'm having a baby!I'm having a baby!

Naturally, she was totally smitten with me. My description said that I was a very friendly, active boy, but that I laid quietly in my kennel. Mom took the first chance she got to drive over to the shelter to see me. My kennel was the last one on the row and when she walked in all the dogs went nuts, except me. I was just lying there quietly - until she stopped in front of my kennel. Then I went bounding over to her. I took her for a walk and she knew I was her dog.

She couldn't take me home that day because all the paperwork wasn't done, but the next Saturday she came and got me. I was so exciterated that I didn't take ANY naps during the whole 3-day weekend she had with me.

At first she chalked my runny poops up to excitement, but after a few weeks she got worried. I also kept getting redder and redder and patches of furs were falling out and I had hot spots. She freaked out. She took me to the vet and I got medicine which helped with the spots and redness, but I was still itchy. She started reading about allergies and tried me on lots of different foods until she got it right.

We are a team and I help her out with LOTS of stuff and have no idea how she ever managed without ME.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Q & A and my new friend!

I had a lot of questions about my Wordless Wednesday pictures.

Q. Khyra asked if I was waiting fur my date.
A. No, I was waiting for my mom. A pup as handsome as me could, of course, go on many dates, but right now I'm concentrating on my interior design studies.

Q. The OP Pack asked if I was waiting to go for a walk.
A. Yes. I know I said I was waiting for my mom a second ago, but I was also waiting for a walk. I'm always waiting for a walk!

Q. Lorenza asked if I took my mom for a ride.
A. That was the idea, but that killjoy mom would not let me drive. She wouldn't even let me ride shotgun!

Q. The Thundering Herd asked if I have a driver's license.
A. I just got my new dog license. I think that means I can drive. What else would I need a license for?

Today, on my lunchtime walk, I made a new friend!

Beckett makes a friend

We became such good friends that she followed me home and I invited her inside to play. Mom said that we could not keep her and then she put my leash on her collar and left with her and not me. WFT?!?!?!

I don't know my new friend's name because although she had a pretty pink collar she didn't have a tag on it. Mom wasn't even sure which house she came from but fortunately when we got back to that street the pup trotted right back to one house in particular.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

Have a sunshiny yellow day!

The last few days here have been beautiful, with yellow sunshine during the day and golden yellow horizons before sunsets turning pink and purple. There was even a big yellow moon.

We have been noticing all the yellow in our lives a lot recently because of our friend Krisanna.

So, in the spirit of Krisanna, we want to wish you all a sunshiny yellow day. (Or, a sunshiny yellow Lab day, if you're really lucky!)