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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mom had a bug

Things have been slow around here lately, because my mom wasn't feeling well. She said she had a Bug and she spent a lot of time sleeping. I love bugs! They're so crunchy. I like to jump up and snap them out of the air. Those bugs never see me coming. I bet they think that because I'm not a frog, I pose no danger, but I am so good at catching bugs. I'm really not sure why a Bug would make my mom sleep for several days, though. And if she doesn't like bugs, why didn't she offer it to me? She's strange.


Petra said...

I know, Beckett, moms can be very strange. Lots of times! It beats me why she wouldn't share her bug with you!

Fenway said...

Yo Beckett--

Don't forget—the Sox play the YANKEES tonight! Get yourself all geared up in a Red Sox T-shirt and cap. I'll be thinking of you as I watch them CRUSH and humiliate A-Rod. (Jeter's okay in my book).

Hope your mom is feeling better! Give her lots of snuzzles and licks.