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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vote for Mom!

My mom is running for Alabama governor of Red Sox Nation. Vote for her using the following information:
Ellen Wilson, Alabama

Why should you vote for my mom? Well, check out her application essays.

What qualifies you to be Red Sox Nation Governor of your state? (200 words or less)

A lifelong Sox fan who learned her first word (hooray) from her father’s cheers as he listened to baseball games on the radio, Ellen grew up in NJ with a strong hatred of the Yankees. A recent transplant from Boston to Mobile, she has converted many of her co-workers to Red Sox fandom. Ellen listens to almost every Sox game on XM Radio or Gameday Audio. She has a dog named Beckett.

Mobile is the obvious choice as a home for the Alabama RSN governor, as it has an exemplary baseball pedigree. Five Hall of Famers come from Mobile: Hank Aaron, Billy Williams, Willie McCovey, Satchel Paige, and Ozzie Smith. Only New York City and Chicago boast more Hall of Famers. Mobile is also the hometown of Jake Peavy. Big leaguers have also come from local schools, universities, and the Mobile BayBears.

Alabama residents understand sports rivalries. Ellen pledges to remain neutral regarding University of Alabama and Auburn University football, so Red Sox-loving fans of the Crimson Tide and the Tigers can unite under her leadership.

Ellen is a 2007 graduate of Simmons College, steps from Fenway Park. She is a librarian at the University of South Alabama.

What is your top goal or initiative to enhance the Red Sox Nation experience for citizens in your state? (200 words or less)

Although Alabama has a strong baseball pedigree, the sport’s popularity is dwarfed by that of football. It can be lonely being a baseball fan in the land of SEC football. As governor of Red Sox Nation, I will work to create a community of Alabama Red Sox fans and raise the profile of the sport of baseball at all levels in the state of Alabama. I will also endeavor to trade a Waffle House for a Dunkin Donuts.

My dog Beckett will also continue his work with Big Pupi's nationwide network of canine (and feline) Forgotten Fans to fight for a dog-friendly section K-9 at Fenway Park (Learn more at

Vote early! Vote often! (Up to 10 times per email address)


Stanislaw said...

How exciting! We'll be sure to vote!

PS- My mom also grew up in the fine state of NJ.

Stanislaw said...

Hi again. I've passed an award along to you. Check it out on my blog. Also, I finished your meat locker tag! Mmmm... full of feasting possibilities.

Petra said...

It was fun reading about your Mom, Beckett! We went over and voted ~~ and we hope she wins. You'd make a great governor's son.