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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reconsidering my morning strategy

My mom is not a morning person, so I usually start extra early to get her up and about in plenty of time for her to go to "work" (whatever that is). But this morning I tried a new strategy. I woke her up at the usual very early time, but instead of continuing to bark, I invited myself into the human sleeping crate and snuggled up to her. This was very cozy so I decided that maybe getting Mom up on time is not so important. What she didn't realize (since I've been so helpful getting her up before her alarm clock goes off) is that the volume on the alarm clock was turned way down, so when it went off it was very, very quiet. Quieter than a snoring Labrador, in fact.

Wouldn't you know, the first thing she said when she realized she'd overslept by almost 45 minutes was, "Beckett, why didn't you wake me up?" Humans - so fickle.

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