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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Teeny tiny napping

My buddy Stanislaw issued a curl up challenge. Now, I like to spread out so I'm not going to enter this contest, but my dog cousins Carrie (short for Sweet Caroline) and Phoebe and my cat cousin Griffen would like to show you their work.

Here's Carrie uncurled:

Carrie, Christmas 2007

Here's Carrie curled:


Here's Phoebe uncurled:

Miss Phoebe

Here's Phoebe curled:


Here's Griffen curled:



Stanislaw said...

Griffen sure has his curling skills in order! I don't know if I could personally pull off the sideways curl. Even more than sleeping tied in a knot, I love to stretch out all long and skinny and air out the ol' groin. Ah. There's nothing quite like letting a little sunshine at those parts that don't see it too often.

Stanislaw said...

Hey Beckett.
My humans put a jerky treat in the fun ball, or a dehydrated liver treat. We can't eat those non-everlasting EFB-type treats either, but we aren't complaining!

And if we got 2 of them, my bratty brother would take them both. He's not one for sharing. :(

JB Pet, one of our fav places to shop online because it's cheap(ish), has team collars:,139.html
That was on my list for new collars, but my humans opted for a metal buckle-type instead. Where's the team spirit there??