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Monday, June 2, 2008


Beckett among boxes

I was hoping this moving thing would involve cows, so it was somewhat disappointing to find out that it only involved the boxes that my mom had been piling all around the apartment. Anyway, on Saturday, I went to the new house and then a few hours later my mom showed up with a bunch of people who had come to visit me. But instead of letting them play with and admire me, my mom had them carry boxes and boxes of stuff into the new house. How rude!

I could see that they needed some supervision to properly unload the truck, so I quickly found a way out of the backyard. Unfortunately, someone tattled on me right away so I had to go into my crate for a while. How rude!

While the new house is very exciting with all of its rooms and my backyard, it's still a little strange. I was happy to see that my mom started to set things up right away. I sniffed at the human sleeping crate for a long time to make sure it was the same one. Sometimes the new house seems a bit overwhelming so then I go hang out in my crate for a few minutes, but I am getting used to things.

The backyard is pretty cool, even though my mom used the Hose Beast to give me a B-A-T-H. She also put a chain on the gate so I can't get out and patrol the front yard. She's such a buzzkill!

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