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Friday, May 23, 2008

Establishing some guidelines regarding apparel

Dear Mom,

After last night's Bellhorn t-shirt incident, I think we need to establish some guidelines regarding the wearing of apparel. I think it's ridiculous that you humans lack the sense to have fur, but as such I have no objections to your wearing of what you call "clothing," although I really do think your Hello Kitty pajama pants need to be retired.

However, since I possess a very fine coat of fur, and furthermore since we live along the Gulf Coast, I do not need to wear clothing. I am willing to make the following exceptions:

  1. My backpack, suitable for long hikes, since it shows that I am a serious, working dog:

    Beckett likes his backpack!
  2. The occasional bandanna, for formal occasions:
    I'm a handsome devil!

I hope we are clear on this matter.

Love, Beckett


Fenway said...

Hmmmm. I didn't know I had any say in the matter and have been compliant about wearing the DiceK tee shirt.

I see you're also wearing a halti. I HATED that and was switched to a prong collar which I kind of like, I learned how Ms. Alpha preferred me to walk beside her in 5 MINUTES. Plus the prong gives me a real Dangerous Dog aura and some STREET CRED. Ms. Alpha hardly needs to flick her fingers to let me know how to walk and be Have.

Stanislaw said...

Nice backpack! My humans want to get some for BP and me, but we wear harnesses on our hikes and we're not sure how that would work. So we make our humans haul our stuff around. They are so compliant and obedient, those humans.