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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good weekend

The weekend was a very exciting one. When my mom got home from work on Friday, she got out my harness so I knew we would have an adventure. I figured we were going to the park, the pet store, or maybe even the beach, but instead we went on a very short drive to our new house.

My mom was a little surprised that I trotted immediately up to the door and sat nicely while she opened it. Then I ran in and checked out all the rooms and did a little dance in each room to show my approval. I went out into the backyard and immediately began marking my territory while my mom brought in a bunch of stuff from the car, but unfortunately big thunderstorms rolled in quickly and I wasn't able to use my new wading pool.

But once I got inside my mom had a special treat for me - a raw, meaty lamb bone! This was deliciousness on a level I had never before encountered! I feasted on my bone and my mom put funny tape on the walls of all the bedrooms. There was lots of thunder and lightning so I made sure to stay close by my mom in case she got scared. I'm not even a little bit scared of such things.

My mom didn't take me back over to the new house for the rest of the weekend because of some excuse about "paint," so I hung out at the apartment. It was okay, though, because that "paint" thing really tired my mom out so we had some quality nap time on the human sleeping crate when she got home. I also was be "Have" like Big Pupi and played with my Everlasting Fun Ball while my mom did that strange thing with string that she calls "knitting" (and I call obsessive compulsive disorder). That made Mom very happy.

I sure am looking forward to living in our new house all the time, even though my mom keeps mentioning that since there's a hose I can have a B-A-T-H. Jeez, Mom, I can spell!


Stanislaw said...

I got stuck on that raw meaty lamb bone and couldn't stop reading and re-reading that line...


Stanislaw said...

Thanks for the backpack idea, Beckett. That's not a bad idea.

My humans think I was probably kept in a cage for my first year (maybe at a puppy mill?) until I was dumped for being too sickly. Everything outside causes major anxiety, and anything cage-like makes me panic. They think I deal with this overload by becoming obsessive over things like grass moving in the wind. They'll never know for sure what my deal is, but hopefully my "therapist" will help me cope better with my stress problems!

That is an awfully snazzy backpack, however, and I would like to get one...

Fenway said...

Congrats on your new den with yard!

I've got news for you: I came from a litter of TEN and spent 8 weeks with them, which according to human understanding of us, is sufficient time to learn etiquette and stuff.

Despite all these advantages, I also bound right up to any dog in my ken. You see, I firmly believe we have HEIGHTENED SOCIABILITY and not a thing is wrong with us. Don't let the humans make you think otherwise.

Ms. Alpha says if I don't watch things called P's and Q's, I'm going to get my butt kicked or worse from some unfriendly dog.