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Monday, May 19, 2008

My mom is being weird

My mom is being really weird lately. She keeps talking about something called "closing." I don't know what the big deal is, because she closes stuff after I open it all the time. But she seems really stressed out about it. She says we're going to have a new house, and I'll have my own room. Why on earth would I want my own room? I want to be wherever she is!

Beckett among boxes

She's also started putting stuff in boxes. So far she's packed all her books - including my favorite tasty treat, her knitting books. I think she may have lost her mind.

I do have to admit, though, the idea of a back yard all my own is intriguing... so maybe this "closing" and "moving" thing will work out for the best.


Fenway said...

This sounds awful and I hope she doesn't put you in a box by mistake!

I'm sorry to hear about your corn allergy but trust me, there's a silver lining: corn is a cheap filler (so is wheat) and there's no reason for dogs to consume it. So that means that you get a MUCH better class of feasting treats.

Frankly, I don't even know what corn & wheat taste like. Ms. Alpha did exhaustive research before I came home and she banned it from my table. She won't even let me have the biscuits they hand out for free in the doggie shops!!!!!!

Man, I wish she'd lighten up.

How 'bout them Sox last night??? They really lit up that poor kid on the mound in the 3rd.

Stanislaw said...

You have a corn allergy Becket?
My brother Big Pupi has a corn allergy that is so bad he lost 50% of his body weight and blood came out of places it wasn't supposed to. Know what the vet did? Put him on a prescription diet with corn as the #1 ingredient!! Crazy, crazy people. Pupi is a-ok now with some top-quality feasting materials (raw meats, fruits, veggies and the very rare bit of brown rice). It's crazy tasty.

We just went through a move in October... when our home suddenly got full of boxes. Then strange humans came and took it all and the apartment was lots of fun to run around in. Then we went on a 3-day puke-making car ride and wound up in a cold place. At least Pupi and I were huge helps in the packing process. We posted a video just for you as the earlier post for today.

Happy feasting!