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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Everlasting Fun Ball

My buddy Fenway told me about the Everlasting Fun Ball, and last night my mom and I went to the pet store (my favorite) to get one for me. This thing is awesome! It's so satisfying to chew, and it's fun to try to get the treats out. I like it so much I actually let my mom knit without my help.

Here's a video of the fun. (I sure hope my mom learns to edit these things sometime so I can have flashy videos like my buddies Stanislaw and Big Pupi.) In the background, you can see that I helped my mom get ready for moving by shredding some newspaper for her. She was so pleased!


Stanislaw said...

Nice work on that newspaper there Beckett!
From one dog to another - that's some A+ shredding work.

Richard Zimmermann said...

Gosh, Beckett. Fenway and I will have to teach you how to bat something around with your paws. You only seem to be using your mouth in that video. Unless I didn't make it all the way through to the end.


Richard Zimmermann said...

Whoops - I have to amend my previous comment - the one about Fenway and I teaching you how a cat would attack something like your pizza ball. The only two Fenways I knew about were the baseball park and the cat.

Here I am now - learning after I posted, that this particular teaching Fenway is a dog. I could teach BOTH of you how to handle a pizza ball.

Eleanor the Brown Tabby

Stanislaw said...

PS- Those videos are all done on iMovie on my humans' Mac. Super easy stuff to work with...

Beckett said...

Eleanor, my mom says I have an oral fixation. I'm very mouthy - even for a Lab. But this pizza ball thing intrigues me. I'd like to learn your methods.