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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My mom is still weird

My mom has a weird compulsion. She calls it a hobby, but really, I think she needs help. First she leaves me at home and goes someplace where she buys stuff called fabric. When she comes home, she takes the big piece of fabric and cuts it up into little pieces. I understand this impulse - I like to shred things myself. But here's where it gets weird - then she takes the pieces and sews them back together until they're a big piece of fabric again. What's the point? If she wants a big piece of fabric, why does she cut it up in the first place? I tried to solve this mystery by chewing up some of her fabric but I am still completely confused. Even worse, when she's not engaged in this weird compulsion, she's reading about it on the internet, or even blogging about it. What gives?


Stanislaw said...

Sorry Beckett -
We're having upload issues for the video. I'll let you know when it's up. It was supposed to be live before the main post for today. Ooops.

Stanislaw said...

Okay. It's up now. My humans have no idea how to use the internet, apparently. The post appears as the 1st one for today.

PS - I'm adding you to my links list, if you don't mind!

Stanislaw said...

Silly humans. They can be such morons sometimes. Big Pupi took care of it. He's the real brains in the family.

The video is officially up and running thanks to YouTube.