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Sunday, April 26, 2009

OMDOG, best weekend!

OMDOG guys this weekend has been the BEST!

Yesterday, Mom was puttering around the house in the morning and when I saw her heading towards the box that holds all my bandannas and fun stuff I came down with a serious case of the ZOOMIES! We selected a red bandanna with blue and white bones on it, and she put a USA Gay-Straight Alliance button on it.

First we went to the Farmer's Market. Lots of people admired me and it was fun to walk around and see what was for sale at all the tents. This was the first market of the season and there wasn't yet a ton of produce, but Mom did buy me some special dog soap from Retriever Soapworks! (With a name like that, how could we resist?)

Then we walked over to Bienville Square to see some friends who were there setting up a tent for the Mobile Pride Festival. Since Mom is an adviser for South's chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance we wanted to say hi. I got to meet a Yorkipoo named Nefler whose mom is one of my mom's students. He's even tinier than Leo, my teacup Yorkie bud!

Lots of people paid attention to me and gave me lots of pets and scritches. It was awesome! I was even pretty good about not jumping up on people, though it was sometimes hard to resist.

Here's a picture of me in the park. Sorry it's blurry, Mom didn't have her good camera with her:
This is my happy face

I met one man who spent about 15 minutes just paying attention to me. He was kind of scruffy and Mom explained to me that he doesn't have a furever home. This man was so nice and loved me so much. He told me about a dog he used to have. He kept reassuring Mom that he loves animals. Mom kept telling him that she could see he does, but maybe he's used to people avoiding him and not believing him. Mom says she probably would have avoided him if I hadn't been with her. Why are humans so confusing? Anyway, I suggested to Mom that whenever we go to the Farmer's Market we should also go over to the park where we met all my new friends and say hi to them, and she thinks that is a pretty good idea.

When we got home I was the tiredest! I took a looong nap.

Beckett is an ally

We listened to the beginning of the RED SOX game but then the power went out. Later Mom left me at home and went to see the Mobile Bay Bears (the AA team for TAN TORKELSON's Dbacks!) play. And when she got to the game she saw this:

Hounds at the Hank

It was "Hounds at the Hank" and Mom could have brought me to the game but she is a LOSER and didn't know about it. I would have had the best time and cheered on those BAY BEARS as they beat the Birmingham Barons 4-3.

Oh well, I have to admit that I was fast asleep at home on the big bed while she was out, because it was a pretty tiring FUN day even without a trip to the game.

Tonight is the last game in the weekend RED SOX v. Yankees series! GO RED SOX!


Sophie Brador said...

Beckett!!!! I often hang out with guys like that guy you met, who don't have a furever home. There is a guy who lives in a rooming house nearby who always gives me loads of love. He told my mom that he has schizophrenia and lost his job and because he is 60 he can't get a new one. He has a hard time and mom knows that it means so much to him to pet me, even though I am sort of ambivalent to being petted.

Too bad about that ball game. It would have been fun to go.


Stella said...

Beckett, m'boy, sounds like a very perfect day to me, and I hope you get lots of those this summer.


Stanislaw said...

You look smashing and crazy happy in that first photo! And no wonder... I can only imagine how much fun a feastival with humans and dogs would be. But in my ideal world, there wouldn't be any doggy soap purchases made. I hate to break it to you Beckett, but that doesn't bode well for you!

Mack said...

Your weekend was at least a million times better than mine. Mom & Dad went to a wedding Saturday and we were left all ALONE and had to eat dindins at 8:30! Waaah!!

Joe Stains said...

It looks like you had a wonderful weekend and I am very sorry you did not get to go to that baseball game :( I don't get humans either, but I sure hope that guy finds a furever home. Next week Mom wants to see pics of FOOD from the market :)

Petra said...

Wow, weekends can't get much better than this, Beckett! I'm glad your mom figured out that you can go to the game next time; that sounds like so much fun!