It's Beckett's world - you just live in it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Beckett

Hi guys, it's me, Beckett!
Beckett's favorite ball
I am a unique fellow, but as you may know, I occasionally share my name - even with humans.

I was aware of St. Thomas Becket,

Samuel Beckett,

and, of course, Josh Beckett.

But recently I have discovered another great Beckett:

Kate Beckett, who is sassy like me, and a very pretty girl.
I like pretty girls.

But Mom, for some reason, doesn't pay much attention to Kate Beckett because she is too busy looking at this guy:

There's just no accounting for taste.


Joe Stains said...

You are way more handsome than that dude, for sure. I share my name with lots of folks too, some I most certainly do not approve of but what can ya do?!

Sophie Brador said...

Beckett! That guy is from Canada, like me. And not only that, but he's from just down the road from where I was born. Clearly, it is all about you being a Brador. I don't know how. It just is.