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Monday, November 24, 2008

My mad knitting skillz

Beckett's mad knitting skillz

Beckett's mad knitting skillz

My work is too avant garde for Mom to understand.


Charlie - The Big Dog said...

No theres a dog I can relate to!

Very nice work Beckett!


Stella said...

Looks great to me, Beckett. I just got a small ball of yarn but it was amazing how far it stretched out, it was just beautiful.

We are definutly knitters, aren't we?



Petra said...

Oh my, you really worked hard on that piece of art, Beckett! Way to gooooooooo!

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

What a masterpiece! And your mom does not appreciate it?! Hmmmm. apparently she is challanged in the art appreciation department.

Joe Stains said...

Perhaps if you had signed it with a nice pee stain, she would have appreciated it more??? Try that next time.

Anonymous said...

OHMYDOG! That is just...

I can't find the words!

Great artists are never appreciated in their time, you know.

Stanislaw said...

I'm speachless. The vision. The depth. The heart. The soul.

This is art, man. Art. I'm telling you. Humans just don't get it. But I do. Have you sent this stuff to the MET? Or is it MEAT?

Jake of Florida said...

How under appreciated you are. We've seen Jackson Pollack's work and your mad knitting "oeuvre" is strangely reminiscent!!!


(Thanks for visiting!! FYI, we call our Mom the "human-in-charge" sometimes because it makes her feel good and when she feels good, she is more generous with the treats!!!)

Jake and Just Harry