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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Yipes! Sorry for that unscheduled blogging hiatus. It was caused by a combination of busy-ness and lazyness (on the part of my secretary).

This morning, Mom and I went to get our Christmas picture taken. We got one taken without Santa because he was on a break and it was the only way we would get out of there in time for Mom to get to work (yes, on a Sunday). I thought it was pretty exciting and on the way out of the store tried my hardest to knock over a table of cookies and punch. Mom was so embarrassed.

We don't have the picture yet but we hope we can use it for our Christmas card. I'm sure I look very handsome but there's no telling about Mom. She's really good at making Doofus-faces when a camera is around.

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Petra said...

Christmas is such a fun time of the year! I can't wait to see your Christmas picture, Beckett!

Too bad you missed knocking over that table full of goodies.