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Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Christmas, whatever that is

Mom keeps talking about Christmas and how it's not really that far away and how she'd better get her butt in gear knitting all the presents she has planned, yadda yadda yadda. I'm wondering, "What's Christmas?" All I know is that last December I was in the slammer wondering if I'd ever find a furever home.

Anyway, Mom says that this Christmas thing will be extra fun because we're going to take a road trip to New Jersey and visit my grandparents, my Uncle Alex, and most exciting of all, my canine cousins Phoebe and Carrie! Do you think Mom will let me share the driving with her? It's a long way from Alabama to New Jersey, after all, and she's a slowpoke driver.

But before we get to go on our trip, we have a few things to take care of here. We ordered our Christmas cards yesterday, and since we didn't end up using the picture of us we got taken at the pet store, Mom says I can show it to you now:

Christmas picture
Mom's such a Doofus, LOL!

Mom is knitting a bunch of stuff for presents and I helped her with some of the yarn. My work made her scream with delight! My work was so good she even agreed to teach me some HBO words.


Petra said...

Hey Beckett, did you get a picture of your work that made your mom scream with delight?!

I'm so glad you are going to have a fun family time this Christmas. Your mom will be lucky to have you beside her to keep her awake on the long drive up north.

And what a great Christmas picture! I can tell that you and your mom were meant to be together. Furever!

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Thanks for coming by our blog! Oh, a road trip!! Those are the best!

Stella said...

Beckett, you and your Mom look just great, you both have wonderful smiles and yours is just a little MORE!
I think the Easy Leader would be a good present for you, ifI can improve with it, so can you. Besides I think I read the one you are using that looks like a muzzle, is not supposed to be used always.
Beckett, we have something else in common, I helped with the knitting too and got a scream also
We are SOOO good, aren't we.
Kisses, Stella

Joe Stains said...

Did you knit something fabulous?? lol I bet it was GREAT! ALabama to NJ is a long way, how many days of driving?

Sophie Brador said...

Beckett, Look at how stinkin' smiley happy you are! You almost look goofy in that photo. Of course, I know you are always the most composed and debonair fella.


Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Beckett...
That's a great pix...and I don't think you mom looks like a doofus!!! Driving to NJ huh? That's where my Mom is from too!!!

Oh and my Mom is trying to knit for Christmas too...we'll see how that goes - BOL!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Anonymous said...

That is a LOVELY picture of you and your mom.... My girl says she's jealous that you could go to the store and get it done; we had to recruit a family member who didn't really know what she was doing. *sigh*

Don't tell Petra's mom I said that.