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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is this weird?

Hey dog bloggerinis,

My mom and I have a question for you. I have a habit of going up to my mom and putting my very front teeth next to her arm and nibbling - think of how Tom Hanks ate the baby corn in Big. I think this is a totally endearing and adorable trait, but Mom says it's annoying. Do any of you do anything similar?


Sherman said...

My people call that "corn nibbling", and I do it all the time on Moon. I did it a couple times on Cindy when I found myself rolled on to my back, and her snarling at me.

I haven't done that again.

Stanislaw said...

Tell you human to stop slathering her arm in good smelling stuff. Then she won't be so tasty!

I have a habit of licking humans' pants legs while they're still wearing them. My folks chalk this off as another sign that my 'crazies' are coming out. We're odd dogs!

B said...

I do that sometimes but mainly to itchies on my legs. Sometimes I do it to my mom when she looks itchy.

Snow is fluffy white stuff that induces Zoomies. It's heavenly. I love snow and can't wait until it sticks around.


Fenway said...

I yodel, squeal, yip, yap, and groan. I'm a real talkative guy.

And if I determine the Alphas aren't listening, I will plant my muzzle on their thigh and just stare up.

My best annoyance is when we're all snuggled on the couch. I like to stretch long on my back and then and use a human body part to push off of with my hind legs. A little writhing around usually helps get me ejected off the sofa.

Petra said...

I don't do that, Beckett, but I think it's a great idea! I love to lick my mom's face from top to bottom when she's watching tv, and I really don't understand why she finds that annoying.

Sophie Brador said...

I try to stay as far away from my mom as possible, except for first thing in the morning, when I give her a big smooch on her eyeball while she's sleeping. I just don't get all you dogs who want to be all cuddly with your peeps. Mom says this makes her sad, but what can I say. I ams whose I ams. And don't you dare say I ams a kitties.


Anonymous said...

I kinda do that, Beckett.... I nibble on my girl's freckles on her arms and sometimes on the tattoo on her wrist. I don't know why; she just gives me a weird look and moves her arm. *shrug*