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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lazy Mom

Mom has been neglecting me. She spends all her time watching THIS:
Video clips at Ustream
and knitting THESE.

OK, I have to admit those puppies are pretty cute, and Mom says the hats are for something called Christmas, and that for Christmas we are going to take a ROAD TRIP to NJ where I can see my grandparents, my uncle, and my COUSINS Phoebe and Carrie. So I guess I'll let her slide, for now.


Stanislaw said...

My auntie watches that all day too! She's always sending my mom links...

Petra said...

Well, I have to agree that those pups are really cute. I sure hope your mom isn't knitting a hat for you, too, Beckett!

Fenway said...

Wow...just when we thought we had a puppy count more would appear!

Thanks for reminding my mom to start thinking about Christmas. I don't want to miss Santa and another photo op!

How're you doing? We're still sad that Manny was traded.

Your pal,

Stella said...

Hi Beckett!

Its me, Stella. Where are those puppies? I would like to go visit them. Are they yours? I have a nice soft mouth so I could take care of them without hurting them.

My Mom knits too and so I showed her what your Mom is knitting. She loved this "eggsotic chullo" and might try to make one.

Cheers, Beckett and keep your sunny side up!