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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The nerve!

Last night I thought my mom should get out of bed for a bit. I thought that if she got up and moved around a little bit, she might feel better. I told Mom this, but she didn't want to get up, so I did some problem-solving. I grabbed a corner of the comforter with my mouth and ran like the wind! Pretty soon the covers were in a pile in the living room.

But THEN Mom did the most unbelievable, nervy thing! She laid down on MY sofa and pulled the covers up around her and went to sleep. ON MY SOFA! There wasn't even any room left for me! Can you believe that?

She's feeling better today, though.



Stanislaw said...

Your mom should be feeling really good this morning after the Red Sox won!

PS- I like to solve those 'human taking up the sofa' problems by simply lying on TOP of them. It teaches them to share.

Petra said...

Boy, your mom has some nerve, doesn't she? I'm glad she's feeling better, though.

My Cubbies played awful last night, but good for your Red Sox! I'll cheer for them with you, unless, like you said, they square off with the Cubs!

Asta said...

I'm glad youw Mo is feeling bettew..sometimes you have to do what Stanislaw said, and just lie on top of the hoomans..they get the message aftew a's Youw sofa. You must feel lots bettew though cause youw team won
smoochie kisses

Fenway said...

Hey, Beckett--

My mom's been feeling sick, too and that's why my blogging has taken a nose dive. I need her human fingers to dictate!

And thanks for the sage advice on the guilty look.

Did you mom let you snuggle after a while?

Petra said...

You look much better in your jersey than I do in mine, Beckett. And now my cubbies are down 2 games. Yikes!