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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Decorations

The lovely Ruby suggested that we post some pictures of our Halloween decorations. Well, Mom and I have been working on some Halloween crafts.

Here is our front door. It has ghost garlands on it! We made them from freezer paper the way you would make paper dolls. Mom got the idea from this blog, where you can find instructions and templates.

Halloween ghosts

We don't have our pumpkin yet, but once we get it, we'll put it on the doorstep along with some ghost votives:

Ghost Votives

These were made with tissue paper, construction paper, ModPodge, and empty jars. Again, this idea is from Skip to My Lou.

What do you think, should we use one of these carving templates when we get our pumpkin? What could be more scary? (Mom's afraid that her pumpkin might get smashed.)


Stella said...

Hi Beckett! Its me, Stella! Thanks for putting my name up on your often visited blogs.

Also, I wish to thank you for the new torture device of a wrap-around-the-mouth leader you recommended. Very nice! I hope my Mom doesn't see it, I bet she will love it. If she gets me one, I hope its hot pink, thats my favorite color.

Whats your favorite color, Beckett?

Kisses from Stella

Petra said...

Haha! Those campaign-o-lanterns look like fun, and you should go for it! Thanks for sharing your pictures. We'd do that, too, but we don't have anything.

Petra said...

The campaign-o-lanterns look like a lot fun; you should go for those!

I like all your decorations; we don't have any to show cause we don't have any. I am deprived.

Joe Stains said...

those little lanterns are so great! Mom is a totally UNCRAFTY doofus, she'd end up hurting herself. We are jealous.

Stanislaw said...

Your mom is super crafty! I think the pumpkin should have a picture of you on it! With your beastliness at the front door, no one would dare smash the pumpkin!