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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My mom loves me

My mom loves me, this I know
for this sweater tells me so:

That's the sweater that I might sorta have chewed on. Looks unscathed, no?

Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, this portion below the red line is what my mom had to reknit because of my teeth:

Not so bad, right? Babies are small, you know. Mom likes to knit, and I so thoughtfully gave her more knitting! She should be thanking me. Anyway, Mom didn't get mad at me about my work and just reknit it.

While she was knitting, I worked on making the house more to my liking. Here is the couch:
Whose couch is it, anyway?

I also unmade the bed, then made myself comfortable:
Oh, just make yourself comfortable.

Good times, good times.


Stanislaw said...

Hey man. I think my apartment is haunted. I just blame Naughties on the ghost. He has NO manners.

Petra said...

Your mom knits beautifully!

Beckett, when I saw pictures of that new red couch, I held my breath because I thought you were going to stay that you started to destuff it.

Ohhhhhh.....that would be bad!