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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cool tile floors

Last night on my walk I had a breakthrough. There are lots of human pups who live in our neighborhood, and I always want to say hi to them, but my mom says I can't because I jump up too much and scare them. Mom had been telling me that if I Sat Like Good Boy the human pups would pay attention to me, but I figured she was pulling my leg... but I tried it last night. And guess what? IT WORKED! I Sat Like Good Boy and four super fun human pups came over and gave me scritches and pats and told me how pretty I am. Why didn't Mom tell me about this earlier?

It's hot where we live. That's why I'm so glad our house has lots of tile floors. It's just the place to lie down for a relaxing nap after a walk. This is one of my favorite spots because the fan is right above me.
Tile floors are cool and refreshing
Sometimes I'm relaxing, minding my own business and sleeping, and my mom comes along and sticks a camera in my face.
Chilling the belly, post-walk
Is that really necessary?


Petra said...

Yes, cameras are so annoying, but when we're as cute as we are, being photographed is the price we have to pay, Beckett!

I plop down on my side on my tile floor like you do after my walk each night.

We're so alike, Good Boy!

Fenway said...

Hey, Beckett--

I'm up here in MA, the home turf of the Sox. They show all the games on NESN and I am so psyched to do some serious man time with Mr. Alpha.

Stay cool, dude. I have tile floors in my MA den and I love them. I am going to demand they replace the wood ones back in MD.

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