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Friday, January 16, 2009


My mom went out today and when she got back she put a funny tag on my collar. She says it's my dog license. At first I thought that was very silly, because I've been being a dog just fine without a license... but then I realized that Monday is my Adoptinashun Day and since I was 2-ish a year ago, that means I will be 3-ish. And in dog years that's 21-ish, so OF COURSE I need a license to show when I go out to the bar to drink pawtinis. Do you suppose it also means Mom will finally let me drive the car? (Not after drinking pawtinis, of course!)


Stella said...

Of course she will, Beckett! Date wild wimmen dawgs too, I bet.

Personally, I think you'd look good riding an ATV and maybe your Mom will get you one for your Birthday!

Congrats, Beckett!


Joe Stains said...

Dang dude, what are you going to get?? A mustang? A jaguar??? I tihnk you need your OWN car!

Stanislaw said...

Licenses are awesome! We use ours to get into the Bark Park.

I've never thought of driving. But I'm only 14 in human years. Big Pupi could do it though! Shall we meet up for a joy ride?