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Thursday, January 15, 2009


My damn-Yankee-but-a-Red-Sox-fan of a mom has been laughing lately because people in lower Alabama think it is cold outside and she is still wearing her fall jacket. I don't wear clothes, but I think the weather has been pretty nice, though the temperature does fall at night. The weather man this morning said that there will be a low in the mid-20s tonight and there will be wind, so I expect even Mom will turn the heat on to at least 68F inside and I probably won't want to go out and bark at that drainage easement as much as I usually do.

Mom says that she used to live in Alaska and when she was there, she didn't consider it cold until it hit -30F. She also says that she was colder when she lived in Boston than she ever was in Alaska, because she didn't dress as well for the weather and had to wait outside for the bus to get around.

It sounds like it's cold where lots of you pups are, though, so keep yourself and your humans warm!


Stella said...

Don't worry about us, Beckett! Its going to be 35 below zero here tonight and we stay in, drinking cocoa with marshmellows and eating popcorns. If the furnace doesn't fold up, we are in good shape. However we are getting a little shack wacky, no walks for a week, quick runs to the back yard for relief.
I hope it warms up pretty soon.


Princess Patches said...

Hi Beckett! We live next door in Georgia and let me tell is COLD this morning. Our thermometer says 6 degrees. Our pawrents were originally yankees too, but not from as far North as Alaska. Unfortunately, they have lived in the South for about 30 years so any tolerance they had for cold is long gone!

Poppy, Penny & Patches