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Friday, September 26, 2008

Sweet Caroline

As I mentioned yesterday, Phoebe was very lonely after Caleb went to the Rainbow Bridge, so Carrie joined the family.

Carrie's first family left her and her brother Dexter chained up in their backyard when they moved out of the country. After a few days, someone came to take them to the shelter. Dexter got adopted quickly, but Carrie was at the shelter for over six months.

Her name used to be Charisma, and while she has lots of charisma, it just didn't seem like her name. So she became Carrie (short for Sweet Caroline, which I'm sure the Red Sox fans among you know as the song that's played at Fenway Park in the 8th inning of every game).

Carrie is skittish around new people, especially men, but once she warms up to you she will love you forever. She adores her big sister Phoebe. She is very happy to have a happy forever home.

Carrie is very good at looking quizzical:
Carrie, Christmas 2007

She can make herself very tiny:

She loves to play with Phoebe:
Carrie and Phoebe play tug.

And is especially fond of treats!
Mom, Carrie, and Phoebe

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