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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meet Phoebe

Yesterday, Mom took the blog to tell you about Caleb. Today, you'll get to meet my cousin Phoebe!

Mom was on a long road trip in the summer of 1997 when she met a hippie family with a large number of puppies. One of these puppies was Phoebe, who kept following my mom back to her car. Mom returned her to the hippies twice and was told that she could keep the puppy, but it took Phoebe following her to the car the third time for her to get the message.

When Phoebe was a puppy, her ears were too big for her to hold them up straight. This is probably a good thing, since Mom might had named her Yoda if she'd seen them that way. Instead, she named her after Phoebe Caulfield, the younger sister in the The Catcher in the Rye.

Phoebe is 11 years old now, but still has puppy-like energy and absolutely no trouble getting around.

Phoebe's ears:

Phoebe loved her big brother Caleb very much. She would try to herd him around the back yard.

Phoebe also loves her cat brother, Griffen:
Interspecies cuddling!

Phoebe has magical self-cleaning properties. Here's a picture and email Grandma sent to my mom:
Phoebe's dirty snoot
This evening Phoebe got an urgent message to dig in the patio garden. She dug so diligently that her snoot was dark brown. I needed a picture of this, but by the time I had found the camera and put in a disk, half of the dirt was gone. She hadn't been pawing at it--it just left. I had often wondered why she never needs a bath (except for a few times that we won't mention), but now I know. The dirt just flies off into the air.

Phoebe has beautiful brown eyes.
Soulful eyes

She was very lonely after Caleb went to the Rainbow Bridge, so that's when Carrie came into the picture:
Carrie and Phoebe play tug.

But that's a story for another day.


Asta said...

Youw Cousin Phoebe suwe is a booty..those eyes awe soulfull, and I happen to think hew eaws awe lovely..I'm glad she's not lonely anymowe fow Caleb
what a nice stowy thank you
smoochie kisses

Petra said...

haha! I love Phoebe's dirty black snoot! I'm so glad that Carrie came to help make Phoebe happy. I can't wait to hear that story, too.

Asta said...

It would be gweat to plan a Mawdi Gwas Celebwation..just tell us when and tell Ruby, and I'm suwe we'd all like to be thewe
have a gweat weekend
smoochie kisses