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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Righteous indignation

My mom would like to believe that she has attained a mindset in which she lives in harmony and is part of the solution, not the problem, but...

Lately she's really been on a roll with the Righteous Indignation.

So far this week she has been indignant about:
-her Work changing its vending contract from Coke to Pepsi (and she rarely drinks soda!)
-Red Sox players getting injured in the blasted World Baseball Classic
-irresponsible pet owners

See, yesterday Mom and I were on our lunchtime walk when we were approached by a big, strong, unneutered male dog who was dragging about 25 feet of heavy metal chain and the stake that the chain was attached to. Naturally, I wanted to play with him, so I went over and bounced right into his face. Fortunately, he was a pretty friendly fellow and he didn't take offense at my direct approach. (I'm not big on doggie pleasantries, truth be told.) For some reason my mom was a total killjoy and dragged me home immediately.

When she got home, she left me there and went outside to look for the other dog so she could see if he had any identification. One of our neighbors was already out there. Unfortunately, he didn't have any tags on his collar and neither the neighbor nor Mom had ever seen him before. So Mom went back to Work (whatever that is) and the neighbor stayed with the dog to wait for Animal Control to come pick him up.

Mom was pretty scared by the whole thing. She feels sort of guilty about the dog having to go with Animal Control and hopes nothing bad happens to him. Mostly she's just mad that people didn't take care of him.


Stella said...

I have to say, I don't blame her, Beckett! Its a scary thing to be walking along and there is some big out of control dog coming at you that you don't know.
She did the right thing!


Joe Stains said...

We agree 100%. Get this...when Mom was in college (eleventy million years ago) they came and took away ALL The coke machines and all the coke out of the dining hall, and EVEN all the coke out of the convenience stores on campus. Mom was so ticked off about not being given a choice that she will not drink Pepsi ever. She has not drank a Pepsi since December 23rd 1995. Can you BELIEVE how nuts she is to remember that?!?! anyway, we are equally ticked about the stupid pet owner. I want to mail them a box of poop.

however, not so sad about hurt Red Sox. SORRY!?!?! :)

Petra said...

That was pretty scary, both for you and your mom, Beckett.

Oh, too bad about the Red Sox. Maybe you should cheer for the Cubbies like me!

Asta said...

I think My Mommi would have been vewy upset and fweecked out if a big doggie like that wan at us..but poow doggie..what howwible hoomans to neglect him..I hope he gets a pwopew home and love whewevew he goes
I agwee wif you that youw twinnew Sophie has exquisite taste.
love yto you and smoochie kisses