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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another inadvertent hiatus

Hey dog bloggerinis,

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I've been busy providing TLC (Tender Labrador Care) to my mom as she recovers from her illness.

Valentine's Day was my mom's burpday. To celebrate, she got me a Merrick Sarge bone.

I'll be back soon.


Joe Stains said...

Take good care of her dude!!

Stella said...

So sorry to hear your Mom is still sick, Beckett. What can we do to help her?
Should we send some cakes, cookies, bones? What?

We want to see her well and send our love.


Petra said...

Well, happy belated birthday to your mom, Beckett! I'm sorry that she isn't up-to-par yet but it sounds like you're taking good care of her.

i said...

Hope your mom gets well soon.